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Sen wood industry is located in danyang development zone in jiangsu province big science and technology park,And the beijing-hangzhou grand canal east of shanghai-nanjing railway,Changzhou airport in the south,Adjacent to shanghai-nanjing312National highway,Shanghai-nanjing expressway and zhenjiang dagang - port in the north,The traffic is very convenient。 Our company is specialized is engaged in the development、Research、Design、Production for the integration of enterprises,Main production molding floor fittings、Moulding board stairs、Moulded shutter panels three series30Multiple varieties,100A variety of design and color。Can provide customers with synchronous custom floor fittings,Synchronous customize stair board, etc。 The company mainly with iconography group、Nature flooring and other domestic famous enterprises leading the floor,Accessories for the supply of high quality laminate flooring synchronization。 Here you are,We will use our faith、Open new voyage pursuit and dedication,Skip over the waves,Go forward,To our ideal and goal。In this industry is put forward“Wholeheartedly serve......

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A mobile phone:15896390898
Address:Danyang development zone in jiangsu province kirin8Number

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