Hanzhong future biotechnology co., LTD is currently the scale of our country、Have the strength、The specialty is engaged in the real estate medicinal herbs extraction of effective ingredients、Separation、The purification and health food research and development、Work、Trade a private science and technology university school-run enterprises。
    Company is located in in hangzhong mian county red soil hill,The environment is exquisite,The garden villa factory。Was established10Over the years has perfect extraction、Separation、Enrichment、Dry、The preparation process、The packing、Experimental testing and other top equipment168Sets。Has rich plant extracts、A variety of dosage forms of food and health products production experience and strict quality control system,And established a perfect sales service system,Have a vast can provide the high quality of Chinese traditional medicine gastrodia elata、Dogwood、American ginseng、Eucommia ulmoides、Yuan hu、Lateral root、Magnolia bark、Grifola、Raw land、The five tastes、Leaf refs、CharacteristicMore and more>>

01The riches and honor god

This product with medicine food homology、The yellow fine superior tunnels、To the ear、Honeysuckle as the main raw material,The decoction、Extraction、Separation、After high concentrated extract and sorbitol、Dextrin and mixture stirring、Granulating、Dry、Beverage packaging process refined but become。

【The raw material】Huang jing、To the ear、Honeysuckle
【Drink consumption】Anteprandial drink boiled water,At a time1Bags,Daily2Times(Can increase or decrease)
The rich

02Han original god grass

This product with medicine edible plant ginseng(Artificial cultivation)、Cordyceps militaris、Hemp seed as raw material,The decoction、Extraction、Separation、At high magnification condensed into concrete and sorbitol、Maltodextrin mixture stirring,After granulating、Dry、The sterilization、Bagging、Packaging made of han originalSSolid beverage brand and grass,This product is suitable for immunization,Antioxidant,Prevent aging,Brain stay people eat beforehand

Solid drink
The original
The grass

03The original will pass

This product with medicine food homology、Authentic quality of puerarin、The lily、Purslane、Poria cocos as raw materials,The decoction、Extraction、Separation、High concentration into concrete and sorbitol、Maltodextrin mixture stirring,After granulating、Dry、The sterilization、Beverage packaging process refined but become。This product is suitable for people with gout、Feed the uric acid on the high side of the crowd

【The raw material】:Kudzu root、The lily、Purslane、Poria cocos
The original
I will
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